I want to share with you the secrets that have helped thousands of women negotiate millions of dollars in salary raises. Here are the exact processes and tools I use to make sure we don't leave a single dollar at the negotiation table.
Salary Negotiation Checklist 
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Isn't It Time You Start Earning What You Deserve?
“These tools lead me to a successful negotiation and will serve me well in many conversations going forward.”

- Anna, 23% Raise
“Thank you Olivia for helping me identify the focus point for my negotiation and giving me the tools to feel confident going into the conversation."

- Jenny, 35% raise
Let me share with you
Set your priorities straight and get real with yourself. Let's figure out what's really at stake- what is it you really want, how much you deserve and how to get it. 
Getting very clear on what they want. Using this information to your advantage.  
Work the room. Create a trustworthy environment and learn how and when to ask for what you want. 
Putting yourself in the shoes of others can make or break the negotiation. Learn how to use the tools you naturally have as a woman to persuade. 
Olivia Jaras is an award-winning best-selling author, and internationally recognized salary negotiation expert for women. She is considered one of the top resume experts in the United States.
The Ultimate Salary Negotiation Checklist compiles all the steps used by Olivia to help women all over the world reclaim millions of dollars that would have otherwise been left at the negotiation table. 

Without it, you will be missing the most important rules when it comes to negotiating your salary as a woman. You will not maximize what you can negotiate $$$.

With it, you will know exactly what to ask for, when and how, to end up getting what you want and deserve.

Make sure you carefully read each point in the list before taking action!
“Salary Coaching for Women... Oh, Yeah. Not only do you get reliable salary data, they can coach you on how to ask for a raise. The greatest return on your investment, however, is empowerment! 

I decided to ask for a raise and I wanted to go into the meeting with my boss feeling that my numbers couldn’t be questioned because of unreliable data. Thankfully, I found Olivia and the solution I needed: hard data... relevant to my job... from Certified Compensation Professional! 

We discussed my position, reviewed my resume, then she provided salary data for my job. I can go forward with confidence. Olivia Jaras is an invaluable resource! The information you provided is going to change my life!!! Thank you, Olivia.”
- Denise, 15% raise. 
“Holy cow. I have an MBA from one of the most prestigious universities in the country, which would lead you to believe I should have learned a thing or two about negotiating. I’m still baffled by how little I knew. 

I will never enter high risk negotiations again without Olivia’s help… there’s an entire world of preparations that I wasn’t even aware of!”
- Sammy, 37% raise.
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